Join the Northern Conspiracy

The Northern Conspiracy Game Club is a group of adults that enjoy playing various tabletop games. Our primary focus is war games using historical miniature figures. We play games from all periods of military history.

The Northern Conspiracy was established in 1983 and has been active ever since. Our membership has remained at 30 to 40 members throughout the years. Each year the club hosts monthly game nights and one or two game days. Other club sponsored events include trips to Historical Miniature War Game conventions, trips to historical reenactments, trips to battlefields and trips to military history museums.

New members must be sponsored by a current member. Prospective new members serve a non-member pledge period of a full year before their bid for membership is voted on by the club at one of our semi-annual club business meetings. During that year prospective members are encouraged to attend as many club events as possible and play games with as many different members as possible.

Invited guests are always welcome. If the Northern Conspiracy sounds interesting to you, please use the Contact menu option to be invited to our next event.